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45th day

Programming and modeling all day, along with creating the UI elements for the programming puzzle bits of the game.


I wanted it to look very DOS like. Like an old system where you are staring at bare bones without all the nice applications to help you out. On the other hand I am just making sure all the behavior is as it supposed to be. Commands are getting executed efficiently and game objects are behaving as they should.

I was tempted for a bit to use ASM-JIT for this, but the downside of that is that if you enter in some bad logic you could actually lock up the game and application. But maybe that is a good thing. Spawn the robots off into separate native processes and use IPC solutions like ZeroMQ to talk to the processes and synchronize. That way, the code could actually be JIT compiled and very efficient and the user could do some very complicated stuff to control his robots. I have also moved all my code to bitbucket and using GIT as a source control solution and it works just fine.

I also modeled the base for a Quad Copter droid.


Allow you to program these little bastards to fly things into places otherwise inaccessible.

More of the same again tomorrow.

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