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46th day

So, we are still here, and I don’t have a solid demo to show people after 18 days of work. Well, 18 days of work is really not that much. Why am I excusing myself?

I do have a demo on my machine that can operate robots and make them do my bidding with a limited command set, but the command set is very much like assembly or a stack based language where you are not actually greeted  by dummy proof instructions and an arm to guide you through the process. I must say, that I am actually quite tired of such things. I don’t really appreciate the lack of magic in the latest games where you are basically placed in a bubble of comfort where your complete lack of intuition and understanding can still guide you through the whole game without much effort. Where is the work result and feeling of achievement? Where are you not just being relieved that you are not stupid, but are actually resourceful and able to solve problems not familiar to you? Children can do this easily, so can you.

18 days? This is day 46!!!

Yes, it is day 46, from where I left my job and started making my own game. The first 7 days I just spend playing around with my first game idea, the next 21 days I spent educating myself on all the different tools an disciplines within the gaming industry to set out to do what small studios do,  just on my own. But in the next few days, I plan to have a playable demo of this little programming robot idea.


Having my robots move realistically is quite important to me. Using the features and tech supplied by Unity in the most efficient way possible is the best way I can do that. Hammering animations through just callbacks and simple expressions is the worst approach to such simple problems.

Science learns from faults. Delusion learns from perfection.

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