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61st day

Been working on Icons and UI elements all day. I was having fun while making them and might have gone a bit overboard.



This sort of UI is actually not needed for my first pass, but I was tempted because I had this idea for the first puzzle where it could be needed to solve it. So what you see there is basically just a motherboard with different connectors for modules. You can guess what they are for. But I don’t want to get totally lost in UI land, need to hook this behavior to the game mechanics.

The first puzzle is basically just a locked room where the door itself is a robot you have to alter to be able to get through it. A simple negation of an expression within its routine would solve that, but you would also have to be able to connect to it first by finding the modules that are missing.

WiFi, Ethernet, USB or whatever the puzzle needs.

Getting passed that you find another little robot that is used for some heavy lifting to move things out of the way. Very simple to start of with, but getting passed that, you would be using my flags and labels I have talked about earlier so that you can control the robots routine you setup. It is basically looping back and forth, but how it loops back and forth and what it picks up is dependent on where you place the locators and tags. Making the game gradually more and more complex.

I need to continue working on this.


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