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75th and 76th day

Ran into some annoying alignment issues so I went in and corrected those.



Basically making sure that those cool steel frames align perfectly with my walls and floors, they need to be be modeled according to an accurate frame. You can see the underlying frame there in red that everything will get snapped to. So, any walls and floors will snap to those borders and if I make sure that the frame geometry adheres to those rules, there should not be any alignment issues and everything should look good.


I also got some assistance yesterday to cut down the polygon count of my brain model. The initial size of the brain model I had was 27k points, but the low detail I got from zbrush was around 3k points. The zbrush model had some hard edges that did not look to good with the edge detection I am using, so using the higher poly one did look better for the time being.

A couple of friends pitched in, one ran a polygonal reduction tools from 3D Studio Max to minimize the poly count down to about 5k points to be able to maintain the shape and fit into the overall toon look. The other rebuilt the topology so the final polygonal count was around 500 polys with only the normal map to express the brain internal shape, which does look better since the density of the geometry starts to run together when zoomed out on dense geometric shapes.

Very grateful for that.

I am not too busy with keeping the polygon count down. I am more concerned with getting things to behave and look properly, placed where they are supposed to be and get things running. As soon as things are happy, I can step back into the content and start to throw out unneeded detail since I will see better what detail is wasted, and it is easier to remove detail than to add.



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