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113th day

Got the radial menu all working, but have yet to finish creating the last icon and a couple of animation layers for the two icons on the bottom.


It is all fancy with animating icons. Even the cursor for the command shell at the top flashes if you look closely.


This little radial menu serves as a gateway to the basic 3 actions the users will use the most. Controlling, transferring and analyzing. I did spent quite amount of time tinkering with the UI framework and getting all this stuff working, but it has payed off. I have become quite comfortable creating UIs with this particular framework, and I actually would recommend you Unity programmers of giving the Daikon Forge GUI a try.

Other than that, I got my new flashy ergonomic keyboard delivered today. It will take some getting used to, since most if the keys have shifted around.

I will wrap up this UI work tomorrow I imagine and hook up all its functionality.

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