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115th day

Playing with hooking up the menu behavior for interactive items in the game. Since there are really just 3 main actions from the menu, I thought I would color code the actions and the interactive highlighting outline based on their property.


Items that support all three would get a white highlight, items that support only two, would be colored yellow, cyan or magenta. Based on the mix of colors in the main radial menu that you use to interact with those items.  Items that are either red, green or blue would just activate those actions since you really don’t have any other options.

This would be for the left click mouse menu, but you can use the right mouse button to execute the last run command on that particular item. So buttons and switches with only a single function you could just right click them to activate their single function because there can’t be any other routine to run.

This little color scheme might become a problem for the color blind though. Maybe some sort of symbol scheme on top of that like a friend of mine suggested, might work for those that would be oblivious to the color scheme.

Continue this again tomorrow.

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