Programming, Work

116th day

As I was hooking up all my menu work to the game and interactive items, I started thinking about other related items with the mouse interaction and player interaction with the world. Working on making that smooth and blend well with any menus that are there.

There are a lot of acceptable nice solutions to use without introducing highly fragile game interactions. If you look at games such as Diablo, Path of Exile or any similar isometric games, the viewer is basically locked in at an angle with a “fixed” height above the ground. This gets rid of all camera collision issues and you have a lot of other interesting options to simplify implementation without sacrificing anything.

My game is already very similar to that, and actually sticking to a similar viewing design in this case helps a lot with the quality of interaction. Allowing people to freely zoom and rotate about the world introduces a lot of technical overhead where it does not need to be.

People can be immersed in your game without being offered all the axis of freedom they might enjoy.

Still need to play and tinker with all of this to see what works the best for me.

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