Programming, Work

129th – 131st day

The weekend had some programming trickery involved with it. Playing around with all kinds of low level animals and hunting down some minor bugs.

Set up a virtual machine with Linux Mint installed to validate and make sure that my CMake project setup and libraries are working. And so it has. It all builds as it should, on Linux and Windows. Have yet to hook in the gmock framework for those simple tests, but that should not be much of an issue I think. I was utilizing the c runtime from the device driver kit but scrapped that since ZMQ needs a hell of a lot more from those runtime libraries and I am just going to include the redist with the installer of my little game. No gain in going through too much pain just to avoid that.

The one issue there is with this library is that Unity does not unload the plug-ins between runs of the game, so I will have to create  some dynamic stub to jimmy up the proc addresses when the game starts like many dll injection tricks work.

But, tomorrow I am getting all this stuff to work with the game.

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