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137th and 138th day

Have set up my Cmake project so that all my development is test driven. I write all my features from my tests and just fill in what features are missing to fill in those requirements.  But as for a CI server, I was looking at CDASH, since that is a solution from the makers of cmake.

Some might be saying, why bother with all this? Units tests, and a CI solution. You are just the one man! Well, it is a matter of principle and to make sure that my lone development efforts don’t introduce too many bad habits. It also makes it a lot less painful if someone else actually might start contributing to what I am doing.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

I want things to be professional and stable. My game should be well engineered, with nice looking and optimal content and good and interesting music. I also want the business side to be serious and professional. Meaning that I intend to create a small company around myself  and get acquainted with the ins and outs of running a business.

I started asking some family members that run their own business about the fees and legalities of setting one up. So far, it all seams to be fairly straight forward. Plus, I started throwing around various business plan ideas, and how to account for a continuous stream of revenue going forward. I have a lot of ideas about that also.

This week will be programming for the most part. No flashy screenshots to share for the next few days, but that will start again soon enough.

More of this tomorrow.

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