15 Months

I have learned a lot during the last 15 months by working on this game project and on the various items that pop up in relation to that. Maintaining discipline while working alone and scheduling my time when I can’t allocate all my hours to this project of mine. Juggling human relations, human influences and my obsessively goal oriented nature.

I can work on things that other would shy from. Fixing large pieces of software that others don’t dare touch because they don’t get the proper rewards for doing so, or that the sheer amount of repetitive work is too draining. And for the large part, making something of your own will require a large piece of work that is draining and will make you feel tired and not rewarding at all.

The trick with being productive and creative is building up the discipline of working through the tasks that are draining. Not just looking at those tasks that are fun to do and get you motivated, but working on those tasks that will open bigger doors for you in the long run.

Where you are is largely thanks to you, and where you are not is largely your fault.

The human faculty is very busy excusing themselves and talking about all the things that make doing a certain thing pointless, worthless or too difficult. Looking for the valid reasoning for them settling for anything less than what they want. At least that is what I hear when I talk to people that are trying to convince me that I am doing things wrong or am taking too much time, or in any way sounding a bit passive aggressive and discouraging in my ears. I am not impressed, because you are not impressive.

You have all the faculties to plan, design, create, draw, paint, play, record, program and mange whatever project you want to see through. Time and endurance. Unless you are suffering from some sort of disability, all of the former listings should apply. And when it comes to solving problems, you should start early on getting comfortable with adjusting from failures.

If you solely rely on foreign processes and formulas, you are not very likely to solve your problems unless you find them in the index. Therefore nudging all your failures as a failure of process than simply your own.

And the whole wonderful world of paperwork that comes with owning a company is not anything to shy away from either. It might be annoying at times, but it is just as manageable as any software you have on your machines. Remember to fill in particular forms on particular times and report various changes and results to the correct authorities.

Its funny that I am still working on the same project with a lot of my original ideas still in the works or working. I would state that most people would have found a lot of excuses to quit, to shorten the trip or to focus on something else because if you go over a certain amount of time it is doomed to go into some zombie mode where it will never get done!

Have a plan that can be done and keep working on it. That is the best thing anyone can do when trying to see things through. If you are set on your ways, you will correct and adjust to get where you are going.

I will continue my adventure on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights along with every other weekend. Being a full time employee during the day, a boyfriend to my girlfriend and a foster father of a 4 year old boy, with 3 cats and a dog to give me love and company along side it.

What is your excuse for not working on becoming what you want to be?

Get off your ass and start doing it. Deal, negotiate and juggle.

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