Polish, UI and more.


I changed the look of my little editor and I came up with some nifty little editing features so that I can avoid creating to complicated and focus distracting tools. Which makes me happy as it allows me to keep everything looking like it was part of a computer game, rather then some dry content editing tool.


The background colors are now more grayish, to make it more neutral. And I added these holographic buttons on the actual canvas so that I get some hint about the actual shape from a simple 2D image. Then I draw that profile on the canvas and use the canvas to the right to control the vertical height of the shape.

You will be able to do CSG operations on those 2d profiles you see on the canvas to define your shape more clearly before you actually define their height. It will also be a lot more efficient to operate with those sort of volumes. Which in my system, are squares, ovals and convex polygons with no top and bottom and all their borders faces have their normal aligned with the canvas. A lot simpler trees to deal with and when you actually want to turn them into a 3d shape, you define the width of the shape in y and it inserts two planes to give it volume.

I did touch my CSG system yesterday to clean up the interface and make some things more consistent, and to make sure my C# and C++ implementation are in sync. Have the interfaces match, so that I can easily swap between the two and test.

And as for actual 2d UI, I added this vertical UI at the border that is procedural and creates its outlines to fit the current resolution of the screen and can be easily configured in the Unity inspector. Has all the most basic buttons and drives the transitions between modes or scenes.

Anyway, I need wrap up some tests and test my dlls.

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