Day 1281

I don’t document my day to day efforts on this blog anymore. I really should, but when I only have around 2 – 4 hours a day to focus on my tasks, I don’t really look at this outlet of paragraphs to be a priority in any sense.

I crawled out of bed around 7 am this morning, about an hour later than usual. I have started to keep my clothes in my office, so when I wake up, I can just walk into the office and get dressed without risking waking somebody up.

Most mornings, I can manage around 1 – 2 hours of work before the family wakes up and I have to get ready for work. But work is really interesting these days. I spend my early mornings and nights working on my tasks, which have been just structuring systems in an efficient manner so that my constructive solid geometry backend can effectively service my fancy new features. Then I head of to the office and solve similar modelling problems, where I am knee deep in computational geometry, modelling and performance critical things. A very nice overlap of work and practice.

Triangulations, decimations, floating point filters, robust linear systems, un-conditional robust solutions, volumes, solids, primitives, orthonormal, partitions, portals and constructive solid geometry is what my brain is being possessed by. At work and at home.

My personal system at home is already solving all of my needs so the focus is turning more towards designing the features I want from it.

I had ported all of my stuff to C++ from C#, but after I started working on my base editing features, I needed to make some changes to the API and am not finished reflecting those changes in the native library. That will be done in the morning I hope.

After that I am rewriting all my tests to take into account all the API changes before I can mark all of those tasks as done.

Right now, I am tired and my 7 month old boy is sleeping in his crib beside me. I think I should just log off and get busy when I wake up in the morning.

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