First day

I have several game ideas that I want to pursue. The most recent one is the one I am going to start prototyping and to get more ideas going.

There are 4 separate game ideas I have in my bag as of this moment. A few interesting ideas for software, ranging from ridiculous pie in the sky projects which would take serious investment and manpower to see through, to small game utilities that could be used by game developers and independent studios, with a team of one.

When the first prototype is up and running and I am satisfied with that it represents the target mechanic accurately, I shall fill this blog with screen shots, videos and sketches.

Most of the game ideas have some sort of central game mechanic driving them, no theme or a story. Should be able to enjoy the game without rich content. But having rich content and nice looking graphics would not hurt, but it is not central and not the driving point. Visual detail is the most expensive item in game development and since I am on my own, the art will be more stylized and the game mechanics playing the main part.

That being noted, I do enjoy creating art and am actually quite skilled at it. Actually I am quite comfortable with dealing with any and all creative elements of games. Design, programming, art creation, music and running any servers and utilities that are needed for operating the whole. But the business side is the piece I am not familiar with and will be the most challenging.

I started this day around 10 am and would be a good idea to keep the routine so that my sleeping habits will not get to out of key with surrounding services and items.

When it comes to schedule, I intend to come as close to burning myself out as I can.  Keep fit, keep healthy and I will have more energy for long hours on whatever it takes to reach the target I have in mind.

Pace yourself is a losers mantra. There are many examples of people burning out because they did not pace themselves. But, there are even more examples of failures from people that did not push themselves.

Push yourself enough to see fast progress, is how you keep yourself motivated. Risk yourself, bet on yourself and stand on your own two feet. Passion and enthusiasm is contagious and you will find people and friends assisting, advising and pitching in where it is needed.

As far as software tools, I have a Maya LT license, Unity, Photoshop CS2, Visual Studio 2012, Reason, Ableton Live and Renoise. All legal and working for making any content I need for games.

Anyway, back to programming and creating mock objects in Maya.

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