27th day

Spent the whole day trying to a create a minor game in Unity.

I just woke up with a simple idea in mind and wanted to see if I could make it work in Unity within a few hours. At the end of the day, I saw a few errors with the initial idea and wanted to change it a little bit but did not manage to finish within the day. The prototype I have with the board game pieces is very tedious to setup. It takes me about 5 minutes to setup the pieces that I play through within 30 seconds. Setting up the puzzles is just to much work and my cats do on occasion start to play with my board pieces which can be even more problematic. This game mechanic I should just implement in Unity to really see if I like it or not.

I don’t want to get to invested in this idea if it turns out to be not good at all.

I have been catching myself avoiding to implement these mechanics properly since it might turn out to be a dud. Reminds me of some programming practices where you write the software first and the tests later. I don’t think that is a good Idea in either case. I need to man up and see what is wrong with these mechanics, which would mean I might need to scrap my initial game idea.

Luckily, I have quite a few of them and more are popping up.

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