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28th day

28th day

I started the day by throwing out all the Unity work I did yesterday and starting over. I almost have a workable game, but it needs a couple of more items and a few levels.

I made all the pieces just in Maya with simple shapes and materials so I could just focus on trying to complete a single game. It was very optimistic of me to think that I could wrap it up within a single day, but if I had not wasted the whole day yesterday chasing a boring game idea, maybe a weekend would have been all I needed to make a simple prototype game.

The game is very simple. Just a robot that can grab and solder together these building blocks that you need to assemble to make a bridge to cross a chasm. You only have a fixed number of pieces, and the amount of pieces you use, plus the time you take to build the bridge counts for your score.

Throwing together a few levels in Maya when I have the pieces fitting together as they aught to, should not be a problem.

I’m getting very comfortable with all the software pieces I have for making games. I still have that painting to finish though and make sure that I keep drawing every day.

This is just too much fun!

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