Programming, Work

52nd day

Working on improving the programming screen for the robots and enhancing the navigation of the main character with an actual navigation mesh. So that the users only needs to click on the ground where they want the player to go.  The navigation mesh was very simple to set up and makes a few things a lot easier.

My little checklist for today was basically:

[x ] – Add locking mechanics for the doors
[ x] – Add activation logic for the programming menu for the robots.
*.This added the little navigation tangent for the player so that I could just double click a robot and have my player go there.
[ ] – Fix delayed animation for the starting and stopping animation of the carrier robot.
[ ] – Add the new boxes built as game items for the robot to interact with.
[ ] – Add the Grab/Release logic to the robot so it can pick up and release items in the scene.
[ ] – Improve the programming menu to be more user friendly.
[ ] – Fix tire rotations for the carrier robot when the distance to travel will cause the Quaternion interpolation to actually reverse the rotation.
*. More key frames so that the evaluation will not reverse its direction.

A rough sketch for what the robot programming menu might look like.


Created some boxes that look like they have these metal support beams like you find in tall buildings and bridges. But that particular one is just a placeholder, but the others should look very similar.


I am still working through those items and hope to finish those today or tomorrow morning.

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