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53rd and 54th day

Have worked through all the items on my previous TODO list except for finishing the improved programmer screen. That is basically what I am working on now.

A couple of more items I wanted to add to this TODO list was labels and tags. Meaning that the main character robot can give tags to dynamic items and labels to static items or locations in the level. That way, when programming the robot, you can actually refer to these tags and labels instead of some relative coordinates.  Allowing you also to change the behavior of the robot by picking up these labels and moving them around. Or to check what item it is seeing/holding and such.


As for the navigation of the main character. I added a small navigation target helper so that when you pick a point in the level, this navigation target class will create a trigger sphere at that point. When your source object reaches that trigger, the navigation helper will notify you and remove that trigger sphere. Very easy to use and you don´t need to create some “are we there yet” logic in some Update function.


Work continues as usual

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