Programming, Work

55th and 56th day

Fixing bugs and making the programming screen for the robots a little more elite.



So the only editable text area within the screen is where the instructions are. All the other fields are basically just to monitor and see what values are being passed around or the memory being used. Next up is to add the tags and labels to objects and locations within the level. At that point, the core mechanics should be there to get people to try out some simple puzzle/puzzles

As far as more content goes, I want to add the quad copter after I have made the first initial demo(you can see it in the screen shot, but it missing its body and is really just there for testing). The quad copter you could use to move around the small location labels I mentioned before as an example. Plus, I want to create more props and environment items to fill in the levels and make them more alive. Support beams, industrial pieces, networking wires(think of those clusters you find in server farms) and some industrial pipes.

No rest for the wicked.

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