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57th day

After going through some pains of using the built in UI that Unity has too offer, I went shopping and picked up Daikon Forge UI library of the unity asset store. It only cost me $75, and judging from the reviews it should be a lot easier to use than creating these UI elements through scripts.

I thought that my simple UI would be so simple that I could get away with the bare minimum, but the discomfort of using the built in stuff forced me out of it and into something that should actually helps me to be productive when it comes to creating UIs.

The labels and tags(I have to call it something else) I mentioned previously is what I was working on earlier today, but when I wanted to add some simple UI elements to select them and use, I was not very excited about creating another UI with the OnGUI stuff to enable that. I did create some cool little graphics for the labels, so when you drop the little flag in the level it has this small piece of interactive cloth geometry that flaps about and looks nice.


I have found a few crash bugs in Unity and I have setup a special project for Crash Reporting. So every time I see something that causes a crash I just set it up with the crash report project with as simple as possible reproduction steps and send it forward. This little cloth flag is one item that I can’t create a prefab out of. There might be something wrong with my setup, but I would like to know exactly what that is.

Remaking this programmer UI window with my newly purchased UI system and hopefully getting these flags and labels to behave and do what they are supposed to do.

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