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58th and 59th day

The last two days have been spent looking into UI stuff, designing and trying to find the best way to create these minor UI elements I will need. I have already created this minor programmer window with just the standard Unity GUI features. Which works, but can be quite the manual labor of getting things running and is very wasteful on draw calls. The Daikon Forge UI library is missing a text box control for entering multiple lines just like every other UI library for Unity. Has there been a complete lack for such a feature, or do people just not want to support it because of some inherit complications. As for the programming window, I will have to use the Unity GUI for now, until the missing features are added to the UI library.

I built some minor things in ZBrush today to use in my UI, but I am still missing a few images I need to muscle out of Photoshop before I post images of it on the blog. It has a glowing organic brain in it, but without the rest of the image work it just looks very much out of place.

The winter days do tend to draw a little bit of the energy out of me, especially when it is only “sunny” for about 4 hours a day. But, the days will start to grow longer after the 21st of December.

Most of the UI work I am doing these days are a lot more visual than a mechanical necessity. I could just put in some hot keys to achieve the same thing, but since I am the chief reviewer and critique, I want to have things work smoothly and be nice when I let people test this. The visuals are very important, and to have them work in tandem with the mechanics and not to look out of place, will help with attracting people to give it some attention and to give valuable feedback. The worst thing a creative person can do, is ask for peoples input and feedback too soon. You only do that when you are confident that what you are going for, can be read accurately out of what you have, instead of allowing too much room for interpretation and mislabeling that might bump your work down an unwanted path. Listen to critique, but never let that drive you. A person that is driven by critique and just takes requests, is much like a troubadour at a bar without any songs of his own. If you want to make something that is personal and unique, you remove the external influences until they can only be used for polish.

More image work needs to be done.

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