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65th and 66th day

There are some mandatory family gatherings that one has to partake in this Christmas season and eat a lot of fattening food, chocolates, wine and anything that would otherwise seem too Roman and indulging. But I managed to put in a few hours of work each day when I was not being overwhelmed with hugs and gifts. But the little break was nice actually. See the family, eat, laugh and play some board games.


I have all the animations for this door finished and I am well on my way of getting it textured. Had to utilize some aim constraints for the skeleton to make sure that the hydraulic pistons would behave as intended, so that also meant that I had to bake out the animation. It was very late when I started texturing it and I wanted to run outside, take some reference photos and utilize those. But I just had to settle for sampling some photos of google, but I really need to create my own little library of reference textures to use.

There is more Christmas stuff to do tomorrow so this will still be a bit slow. But I still put in hours every single day as usual, even though they are not many around the holidays.

It is approaching 4 AM and I really need to pick this up again tomorrow.

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