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71st and 72nd day


Creating the building blocks for my levels is going just fine. They look fairly good when loaded in engine, but I still need to fix up some of the UV maps. Making detailed textures for the pieces is not going to happen. The stylized look of them and the cartoon shading works just splendidly. Any random detail look is just going to be in the form of decals. For most items in the game, the base colors are just in one swatch texture map which the geometry is mapped to. So instead of having separate materials with separate color maps, there are just a handful of materials that map to these swatch textures. So when changing the colors of the items in game, you only need to alter these swatch textures that have all the colors in them. A color palette fused into a texture map.

I have some doors, walls and am creating floor pieces.

Filling in the requirements for my initial levels and base building blocks.

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