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109th – 111th day

The weekend was a write off from work and I mostly just relaxed and thought about things unrelated to work. But today, I was re-factoring things relating to the programmable items and tinkering with the command shell I had created. Looking at game data persistence as in Loading/Saving your game state, and the best option to store configuration and text data. I will probably go with something like YAML, where I can easily edit and setup a hierarchy of data for the game objects to pick up.

Also thinking about UI and the best way to initiate some of these things and to not make things complicated. I love the UI in dead space, the minimal non cluttering solution that is basically attached to the players and has minimum effect on the screen real estate. My game revolves around automation, programming and the players will have to use the keyboard a lot more than they will have to use the mouse, so the UI will also reflect that.

I have a name for my little game.


It is basically the null assembly instructions that the CPU ignores. NOP for short!

As I was clearing up some code, I realized that a couple of game mechanics from a different game idea I had actually fit quite nicely with what this game is and would give it a lot more interesting options. But some of those details will get cleared up when I actually have things up and playable. But this minor “eureka” moment got me all excited and enthusiastic about integrating it.

Still moving forward as always.

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