Art, Programming, Work

118th day


More programming and re-factoring today, along with some minor content fixes due to some skeleton issues with the elevator. After playing around with the color scheme for the radial menu and the highlighting colors, I think it would be better to pick more saturated colors for the items and use the mouse cursor as a hint of what type of item is under it. The blending of these colors just makes it look a little weak and I need things to stand out more.

I was hoping to finish some navigation mesh fix-ups and scripts for the elevator so that I could have all that jazz behind me, but I ran into some issues with navigation statics that don’t have a renderer active. But that is all fixed now, so I will wrap up the connections and scripting tomorrow.

On a side note, I did play with Modo today and transferred some content between Maya and Modo. Have not played with the SDK yet, but I intend to replicate those Unity hooks that are in Maya, in Modo so that I can assign Unity projects to Modo projects.

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