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119th day

I finished getting all the scene switching logic and elevators in mixed with the navigation meshes to work correctly. As you approach the elevators there are some navigation obstacles attached to the elevator switch. When the door opens you can click the navigation mesh inside the elevator and some minor transformer will grab you and smoothly transition you to the proper place in the lift. If you close the door, the navigation agent is disabled and you are parented to the lift that takes you to the floor of your choosing. The next scene is loaded asynchronously while you travel in the lift.

The later part of the day I spent learning to use Modo to create models. The software is very powerful I must say with a lot of very nice high level features. In contrast to Maya, which is a very low level modeler that makes you do a lot more work to create similar things.

But, now I have to stop by the IGI and listen to some people talk about Game Design and applying for grants.


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