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121st day

Was working on creating this scene manager I mentioned in a previous post today. It works just fine. There is just the matter of the items that can travel between the scenes. Machines or robots that you can move from one scene to another then maybe back again to the original scene where it was found.

The special items such as the elevators get dynamically created from a prefab when the scene is loaded the first time. Other items, such as boxes, machines or other that you can move between scenes get placed into a special manager that stores the location of those items and instantiates the proper prefab at that location when a scene loads that contains it.

Here is a small video displaying a test of my scene management, when moving between scenes and bringing some items along with me. Jumping between the machines is a bit rough at the moment but that will get improved upon.

I also have been looking at a lot of tutorial videos for Modo. Learning all about its wonderful modeling tools, dynamics and Rendering. Have yet to cover the sculpting, texturing, rigging and animation in any depth. But have found out that making any sort of cube map and environment setup for my game will be a breeze in Modo. Have yet to look at the Substance plugin for procedural textures and all those nice magical Boolean modeling tools contributed by the GroBoto guys as a plugin for Modo.

The only issue I have found with importing my .fbx files created in Maya into Modo is that you need to tell it not to load the normals. Otherwise, it works just fine as you can see here below.


Now that the scene transition stuff is solved, I am going to continue to clean up the transitions between the scenes. Figure out any UI or Interaction improvements I need and get the programming UI working properly. After that, I will add more items to play with and make problems out of them.

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