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41st week

There was a lot of re-factoring, bug fixing and the like this week. Along with progressing with some missing features for the programming end, such as a transport control for the debugging and visualisations of the script execution.


To open the scripting interface, there is this keyboard icon in the top right that will open that.


There will be this tear off tab on the left side of the script editor so that you can tear off your current data and drop it into the world. Something simple so that you can easily save your data and edit other data items you find in the world.

I still have a couple of weeks of work left for these smaller scripting features before I move into all the data persistence, loading, saving and my little time machine stuff. When that is done, I will introduce game item buttons so that you can execute various functions such as moving elevators between floors and stuff like that.

At that point, I will have all the basics in place to create my puzzles and have the game interface working to solve them and be able to demo all this stuff. When all that comes together, the complete set will get a review and careful evaluation of what can be simplified, removed or improved upon. Clean up all the bugs and annoyances I can find and start creating tons of content and game puzzles.

So, more work awaits.

Ta ta.

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