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43rd week

Moving house has been taking a lot of my time this week, so I really had only about a day and a half to work on my game. But, I managed to create a background GDI plugin to utilize Scintilla as a text editing component.

Added all the jazz to my CMake project structure and created composited windows so that I can actually have the windows render when they are hidden or are off screen. The rendered image I will just blit to the quad that is where my text editor is and forward the key and mouse events to the control. Don’t have to worry about the size of the text data anymore since scintilla is a lot better equipped to deal with that than any Unity or Game UI text control is.

Code becomes simpler and rendering becomes more efficient with a lot more options.

Preliminary testing was very promising, but I am still a bit wary of this GDI control might cause some headaches when the game is full screen or need to reimplement for an alternate OS.


It is kind of funny looking back a few months and see how much work has gone into these game mechanics and its graphical front end. I never planned for this to take this long and am very passionate about wrapping it up so that I can move into creating content and actual game puzzles.

My notebook has a list of 30 or so items that I need to wrap up before that becomes a reality.

9 weeks away from being working on making my own game for a whole year. A huge learning experience with a lot of skills earned with a lot more to come.


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