Just to be clear, the titles of my blog posts are the number of days since I started working on my personal projects.


I was starting on the tests for the shapes and needed to do a little bit of cleanup and simplification. Spotted this little unfinished bit, where I was tessellating the geometry. The default setup is basically just managing t-vertices and making sure that the convex polygons are correctly tessellated. Then I tried adding additional vertices around the Barycenter of the polygon if the minimum angle was below a certain threshold, then I chose the tessellation that would produce the maximum minimum angle for the smallest polygons and then adding an additional vertex if it was below a certain threshold.

The maximum minimum approach seems to work just fine. If I want to avoid any undesirable rasterisation artifacts or interpolation issues, I could have a post step before exporting the geometry to decimate even further and remove more of the redundant polygons, in addition, have some sort of an in-circle tests like the Delauney triangulation to try and create a good even distribution of triangles, void of any sliver triangles.

Moving attributes into the bsp tree so that I can create the whole shape from the tree, simplifying and removing some redundant stuff. Splitting the output mesh by  materials and computing any new UV values that are part of the reference data.

I also found and solved the bug in my old tree merging implementation so that I can use my flat tree profiles to cut the tree shapes like you would with a cookie cutter and produce a new mesh from the merged trees.

Removed a concept of areas and introduced additional flags to make the simplification take into account, the color, material and uvs when merging convex polygons of different shapes.

This batch of additional tasks seems to have stopped growing and I will find myself at the previous point in a week or two.

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