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Working on your own

A lot of people are very dependent on others for input, encouragement, help and will in many cases render control of what they are doing over to more dominant bodies. Work up skills and confidence to be completely self reliant, be able to solve all the problems to produce what you need to produce and love to work your ass off. The rewards you feel when seeing yourself improve is exceptionally unique. Everyone should try to push themselves in such ways to learn how to teach themselves new things and to build confidence for learning new skills.

Writers in most cases work completely on their own without much input from anyone else. The writers that seek input for every page they write, are working FOR the editor, the editor is not working for them. There are a lot of editors out there without any imagination and need keyboard bashing monkeys to do their work and will work hard on selling the point of how important they are to the process and you can’t really do things on your own. Send these losers on their way, give them a nice roll of bananas and see to it that they don’t flick their poo at you when they leave.

You want to make music on your own, learn all the instruments that are involved with making the music you want to make. You want to make games on your own, learn to use all the software involved to make games and just starting working on it. Set yourself up in ways that you can work without external input and you can work through all the problems and don’t have to settle for anything.

This age old stigma of artists not being able to program and programmer not being able to produce art is a spineless ghost without any matter. Any programmer can learn to become an artist and any artist can learn to be a very proficient software engineer. There is always this veil of magic that magicians(artists or programmers) love, because it actually helps them feel dominant, but it also makes them seem simple in my opinion. Just like sexism has been used to create, sell the idea of skills inherently lacking just because some were born with a different set of genitals is without reason and is only a weapon for the borderline incompetent. So in essence, the term “programmer art” is about as stupid as “throwing like a girl” is.

To keep yourself motivated while working, you should be competing with yourself as much as possible, working every day to be better at what you are doing the next. Keep others informed about what you are doing so that you are also being very aware of the costs of failure. Keep a journal or a blog so that you are forced to create content and self manage.

All skills are work related, don’t be lazy.


Use your head!

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