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77th and 78th day

Been playing with the modular pieces that I use to build my levels and modeling new ones.


Some industrial pipes, containers, crates, boxes and various floor items.  The items that are left to model are(with time estimates):

*Modular pipe groups, and cable groups. (2 hours)
*Light items. Ceiling and floor lights. ( 30 mins)
*Debris( Small random crap that lies around the levels) (1 hour)
*Small Doors ( 30 mins)
*Large Circular Door( For entering some secret area). (2 hours)
*Bridge(2 hours)
*Windows.( 1 hour)
*Connection slots for pipes and other items to the floors and walls.( 30 mins).

It might be optimistic of me to say that I could finish this in 1 day, but I will try.

I have also been adding all the required components to the game objects in the engine. Setting up the rigid bodies, collision volumes and making sure that I can actually interact with what I am adding and that it looks good.

Well, I am going to keep on going. No one else is going to pick up the slack on my behalf.

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