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79th and 80th day

It was very optimistic of me to think that I could finish all those items in one day. I managed to finish the bulk of them, but to be honest, most items took about 3 times longer to model then what I initially anticipated. So a more accurate estimate would add another day or two of work to this.


Here is my little checklist so far, but I also adjusted the hour estimates to be more realistic.

[x]Modular pipe groups, and cable groups: 6 hours.
[x]Light items. Ceiling and floor lights: 2 hours.
[x]Connection slots for pipes and other items to the floors and walls: 30 mins.
[x]Debris. Small random crap that lies around the levels:  1 hour.
[x]Small Doors: 2 hours.
[  ] Large Circular Door(A 4 shutter iris hatch): 4 hours.
[  ] Bridge: 2 hours.
[  ] Windows: 1 hour.
[  ] Elevator( forgot to list this item previously) : 4 hours.


As for the texture work, it is very simple since most items are just solid colors and I intend to keep it that way. Most of the items just share a single texture that is basically just a color palette with groups of colors for each group of objects. If you need to vary the color of a particular item, say for instance a shipping container, you would just alter the textures x-offset for that particular item and it will pick up another color from the palette. This is sort of an optimization, it is also a way to control the whole color palette from one place. But this in turn might also cause some other problems down the line that I can’t see right now, but for the time being it is a lot simpler and a lot less items to manage.

I was also looking into a book called “The cabinet of mathematical curiosities”, to find interesting problems to make levels from. The four color theorem and the triangle of cards for instance, could be fun challenges to tackle. And some other similar ones that could be interesting to solve. But I also want to see where the ceiling is, in terms of difficulty and time needed to solve them. It needs to be fun and interesting to engage in.

I will also need to give my project another cleaning run through, so that all the assets and code is well organized.

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