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81st – 83rd day

I took the Saturday off for some deserved relaxing and recharging, and there was only work done during the afternoon of Sunday this weekend. I managed to put in a full day of work for this day though.



I have only two items on my previous checklist to wrap up, the rest of them are done.

I am actually kind of looking forward to wrapping up this batch of models so I can actually start focusing on the game again. I suspect that most of tonight will be filled with making this bridge I am missing. The large 4 Shutter Iris Door will be most of tomorrow I suspect as well.

What comes after that is actually programming. Making occluding game objects blend to transparency like you see in Diablo or similar games when walls and items are obscuring the view of the main character.

Any animation that these items need are very simple, so I really don´t account much for that at all. Simple translations, rotations and simple bone hierarchies. But all UVs should be mapped before you animate, else you will start to see some odd things, at least in Maya since projections and other history related things could cause some interesting unwanted effects. Copying attributes and removing some history items to work around that can be a pain in the ass if you forget.

I am getting very efficient with modeling mechanical items in Maya. Hot-key galore with all the common functions and form principles.

Anyway, there are still good 4 hours of work still to utilize this evening.

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