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84th day

When trying to keep myself motivated, a 13 point plan from some well funded games company is practically worthless.

I need to see progress very fast, and to be able to see a little bit further into what I could have, compared to what I have already. Most progress is fast because of this simple trick. Work very hard to a point where you are seeing progress on a weekly basis, preferably on a daily basis. When you see that you are in some way better equipped, producing more, producing better then you were before, you will want to continue. If you need to work 18 hour days while growing a rhythm, you should do so. Make your plans adjustable and organic to be motivation driven so that you can keep working as long as needed.



Started programming again and am making sure that all my previously modeled pieces are working as intended.

There were a couple of alignment errors with the pipes but I fixed those and added a couple of missing bits. Also fixed some navigation issues and got all the portal and occlusion stuff working.

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