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86th day

I have completed setting up Lightmaps for my test level and run through all the tricks and kicks to get those working properly. Making those look good is some effort of back and forth with the baking process and playing with all the light settings. A 15 minute baking process can be expensive if you make mistakes. Intend to play with the light probes when I have more dynamic objects in my scene.



Added a Skybox to test and see if that would improve the look of the environment. It does, but right now, it just looks like a single floor of a building floating in mid air.



I also implemented a selection highlighting mechanic for the interactive objects so that they jump out when you hover the mouse over them. But, that shader needs to be reworked since the look of it is to glaring and a bit out of place.



The animations that were missing for the doors have been added, UVs for the floors were fixed and I am improving the Shader for the mouse hovering. Starting to work on the location markers for the main character and fixing any bugs that pop up.

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