Art, Programming, Work

95th – 97th day


I’m back at working on my game after a very nice and relaxing weekend. I have started adding additional scenes for the game where the first puzzle area will be, and working on making sure the transition between the two is working as it should.

Fixed a few models, fixed up some light mapping, occlusion set ups and navigation meshes.

When I started working on the next scene, the light less template actually did not look that bad. All the silhouettes that are now in the texture do help a lot with depth and form, without the complicated lighting rigs.

A friend of mine sent me a link today regarding a robot programming game that was published for the Mac about 30 years ago.

The author of this article claims that this game is the most difficult computer game every released. Well, I am not going to try to beat that claim. I plan on making my game challenging yes, but not impossible.

You will not have to program my robots with logic gates, and it sure should not take you years to finish it either.

More level building tomorrow morning.


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