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98th day

Spent all day assembling my storage/warehouse on the lower floor for the game. There will be lots of things that need finding and sorting in that warehouse, that otherwise would be exceptionally tedious to do manually or just not possible due to game restrictions.

I am still exceptionally pleased with my decision to actually bake the silhouettes in to the textures. There are some minimal additions to the geometry at some points to accommodate the texture resolution, so that the silhouettes do not become to stretched or blurry, but that is really not an issue.



You can see the subtle differences between having just the baked silhouettes and turning also on the edge detection.

I’m getting quite comfortable with all these systems within Unity, and as I am adding new content or game features, there is a lot less of time consuming correction cycles and playing with knobs to see what the difference is. Safe to say that my workflow is getting a lot more mature.


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