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196th day

Improved the graphics for the timer and proximity triggers. Added graphics for the event triggers and started connecting things together.



In this sample setup you can see a very simple layout.

When the root gets triggered, the machine will go to that location. The timer that is attached to (a) will activate that location as the next point to navigate to when that arbitrary time has passed. From node (a) , you can see that there are two nodes leading from it. Node (b) and node (c). If some game object enters the proximity node that is attached to node (b), that will become the next point to go to. If on the other hand, the event that is attached to node (c) gets triggered before the proximity trigger gets activated, that will be the next location to go to.

In addition to that, every node will have a gate switch on it for when you attach multiple triggers to it. So, using these simple navigation graphs, you can control the location, timing and orientation of the machines.

I am having too much fun. Very close to getting this thing actually working.


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