Art, Programming, Work

197th – 198th day

Re-factored, fixed and enhanced the navigation setup.

I still have a few things to connect graphically, such as the event, time and proximity nodes. But the base editing and layout is there with all the connecting geometry updating as I edit the nodes or while I am placing them on the navigation mesh. Have the base graph evaluation logic set up, but that will not be put to the test until all of the interactive elements are working.

Have yet to implement the destruction of nodes and how the graph behaves when you remove nodes from it that have multiple child nodes. Should I just delete all its child nodes and the sub-graph, or just have it split into multiple graphs. Then I have yet to inset the edits for the input nodes also. You might want to edit their location and their function.

Anyway. This is progressing nicely and is quite fun to work on.


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