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44th week

Lots of low level windows and systems tinkering to get various windows to behave and not steal the focus of the main window while having it rendering into an off screen buffer.


A simple screen grab from visual studio on top of my new code editor plugin, showing my minor bit shifting crap to convert the image format to be compatible with what Unity expects, plus some alpha channel fixing so that you have some proper masking of the text.

The whole front end for Scintilla is not very complicated ,but I did need to disable all the focusing of the windows so that the full screen feature of the game would not go tits up when you starting using the editor. More of the API has also been exposed to modo from Unity, so that I can send all those various editor features Scintilla supports from Unity and not the native plug-in.

I was working on various ways of implementing this today, and spent most of the afternoon and tonight just trying out various solutions and see what works out the best. I think, what I have right now, is acceptable and workable and that I can just move on from there.

Lots of interesting stuff I learned about windows UI programming, its events system, its quirks and other details that I have taken for granted. I really needed to have it behave in a certain way, which evidently it supports.

Next week, I will deal with more of this and some other things that I need to check of my list.

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