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45th week

I finished the Scintilla plug-in and am now cleaning it up so that I can add it to the Unity Asset Store. I had to make a few adjustments to the UI front end of the native GUI implementation in Scintilla so that the background window would not steal the focus of the game application.


The rendering API is very simple.

// Construct the background window.
public Scintilla(int x, int y, int width, int height);
// Set the virtual position and the windows size.
// This is used for mouse events and image size
public void SetSizeAndPosition(int x, int y, int width, int height);
// Remove the window and clean up the background processing
public void RemoveWindow();
// Forcefully update the whole image
public void ForceUpdate();
// Call this every frame to update the invalid bits of the texture.
public void Update()
// Get a reference to the rendered result of the background window.
public Texture2D GetScintillaTexture();

The API is very simple, but the relevant Scintilla API I have yet to expose a good solution for. Need to cherry pick all the most common features and just expose those to keep the API relatively slim but powerful.
When that is good and mature, I will submit this to the Unity Asset Store and maybe ask a few dollars for it. Then all those developers can create utilities for the game coding masses.

I will also be very busy the next couple of weeks, not only developing more features, but also filling in forms and applications to try and acquire some grants from the local government. Convince them that my stuff is worth putting a few of our tax dollars into as support.

That will make for an interesting 2 weeks I would think.

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