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46th week

Filling in various forms and creating plans for various business related things is not the most interesting thing to do when you just want to continue with the development of the computer game. 

It does force you to review and look into what you are doing and analyse the reality of its business potential, but the act itself is very drawn out and dry. But, luckily in my case, a business plan and a budget plan is very simple for my one man studio.

I am applying for this grant on my terms, I am not going to be bending over to fit better into a certain criteria so that I can increase the odds of getting some operating money. I am already operational, but it would be ideal to be able to work on my project full time again soon.

Besides filling word documents, I did do some work on my game and started to have doubts about publishing that code editor plug-in on the asset store. See, I do not want maintenance of a plug-in to be cutting into my development time. My use case is not necessarily the use case of my users, and they would like me to expose more features and start reporting  bugs, which could put a huge dent into my one man team and its prime effort.

The publishing of the plug-in will have to take a back seat for a while. Finish this grant application and then work on getting  more of the core items finished to get back on track.

But now, it is time to eat sushi and grab a couple of beers.

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