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47th week

Tackling this Grant application was sort of a forced review of many parts of my business strategies. But I did not finish the application. Fell on my ass because I waited with some large parts of it till the last night. I also got a bit distraught about it when I was talking to a few people that had applied for the same grant as I was going for. Basically, I was told that the idea of the product has almost no weight in the result, but only how formal and clean your application is. Who has the best application, not who has the best idea.

I spent most of the energy of making my project description and development plans very good and serious, but when I was told that what I had been focusing on is basically just not what matters to the reviewers, my enthusiasm just fell to the floor.

My energy is best applied to the development of my game at this point.

So, this week I am basically back at where I was at the start of August, before I started re-writing and re-implementing the code editor component. A large set of tasks with a minor port from Daikon Forge GUI to the new Unity 4.6 UI.

Awesome programming and graphics work to do.

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