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51st and 52nd week

So, tomorrow will be a year from my first blog entry for my little adventure. I am still at it and I have no plans of stopping.  Reviewing this long list of blog entries, it is evident that most of my time was spent creating content, learning to use various tools and programming some very complicated features that I finally decided to scrap.

I will be changing the way I test things by throwing mechanical pieces at people to play around with. But, I will not design and cater the whole experience around some test group and users to whatever they want to see improved. Bending over backwards to maximize the amount of possible sales is not the same thing has creating something interesting. There are a lot of reasons to create games, and why you are creating games is not always influenced by capital gains. Just as you want to be able to create your music of interest, be it metal, pop, funk or some avant guard death metal jazz. You should create games in the same vein. What you would like to play and enjoy.

There is a big difference in attitude between people that are working hard at making their own games, vs people that would like to have the interest and drive to make their own games. The ones that are struggling with making their own games are a lot more humble about the methods and how to get good results. The ones that aren’t making any games of their own are more vocal about sure fire formulas and how to correctly achieve solid results.

As I am writing this, I am just solving the particular problem of simplifying all my mechanics.


Setting up puzzle prototyping levels and the ability to hand this over to friends so that they can tell me what parts of it they enjoy and what part of it they think are not as fun.


But, the fact that a year has passed since I started keeping this blog and actually working on a game of my own has no real influence onto what happens next.

Work continues.

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