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Week 50

So, this time around I was back at 3D modeling and photoshop work. Sketching levels on pieces of paper and creating puzzles, while simplifying my game down to its most simple form.


I am even going to remove the counter element from the Programming UI. So there only will be two types of generic triggers for the machines. Proximity and time. The “lightning” UI element on that image is a trigger for activating other items in the level when a certain point is reached. Like light switches, elevators, gun turrets or gates.

Started working with Modo again and creating models for the game. It took a few hours to get comfortable with it again and am creating a vacuuming robot for the first level. I need to create a large guard bot, some minor environment things, walls, floors and custom colliders. Rest of the stuff I have already. The elevator, windows, support beams, crates and such. For the next part of it, I will need to create a turret.

Here you can see the rough idea for the Vacuum bot I am building. I still need to toonify it and clean it up. But, it is as simple as this.


I will share more of the models as I get them done.

There are some minor UI stuff to do for the in level triggers of elevators and such, but that I not my immediate concern.

Ta ta.

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