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49th week

So, I scrapped a feature from my game that has taken me about 4 man months to develop. Do I get a prize?

There are no prizes, just the education and neurochemical imprint on my brain, that will work as a development wingman going forward hopefully.

The realization I had, did not cause a debate in my head and some internal struggle, it basically just made me aware of what I had to drop because it was not showing the promise that I was hoping for. It did make me quite depressed for a couple of days, because it turned the whole Idea of what the game will eventually be into something I have not quite figured out.

But the key idea would be to keep it as simple as possible, utilizing the visual navigation mechanics I have and the graphical style. Create something that is well within the scope of what Unity is good at delivering.

Yesterday, and the day before, after I realized what I had to do, and did. I spent most of it sulking and coming up with ways of making what I had not tossed away interesting. Created some very rudimentary projects, 2D and 3D and played with some features I had not touched before in Unity. Played a couple of games to see what I actually see interesting in them and how simple they are. Anything to get my juices flowing again.

I have simplified all the Navigation UI so that it only has the simple triggers such as time, proximity and a counter. Along with a trigger that activates a switch in the world when a particular point is reached. No logic gates, no connection to scripts and no massively complicated puzzles and time mechanics that would have taken ages to implement and make interesting.

Time to create something that people can play, evaluate and hopefully enjoy. Install a good dose of humility and put my programming hubris under close guard so that I can keep it simple and not find myself in this situation again.

Anyway, I need to review some computer games, get ideas and get inspired.

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