Feature drop

After taking a lot of time to implement certain things, and seeing the trouble of making many interesting problems to solve with it. I am dropping the programming features of NOP.

The code editor and lua/asm sandbox is going into the pause bin, to be maybe reviewed at some point later for other projects that might benefit from them.

But, the things that are sticking around are the visual programming UI stuff and content. Even the visual programming I am going to simplify. The events, states, scripts, direction terminals and most of the logic gates are also being culled.

It is time to get cold and calculated and toss the ideals out the door for the time being. After looking at a plan that will take me two more years to finish, having a hard time creating interesting puzzles for those tools and generally spending too much time creating the custom tools surrounding those features, I think it is time to toss out the bathwater. Look at what I have, and how I can best create something interesting out of it. Not getting hypnotized by the point of “there is no such game out there” and stick to that like it will automatically make it a lot more interesting.

So, here I go.

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