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The team is growing

My brother is now assisting me with the development of my game. He helps me out every other weekend, and will get some money and experience in return.

It was quite refreshing seeing him get up to speed and basically implementing game features within the hour of sitting down with me. He is quite apt at programming and very good at solving puzzles. So, it is really nice to have him helping me out and adding a bit of flavour to my development adventure.

I am supplying him with all the nice development tools he needs but he will be using his own hardware.

So, I think I will not be a lone developer any longer. Got a little help, should gain momentum and get a lot of shit done. Plus, having another pair of eyes asking questions and pitching ideas will also force me to change my patterns a little bit, which I think I need.

Hoping to have something to show of our efforts soon enough.

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