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Me and my brother went through the game and looked at all the annoyances that we found and what needs to be improved immediately. We found at least 10 issues that we wanted to solve today, but were only able to solve 7 of them. The rest needed a little bit more work to get done.

The whole navigation programming thing is working a lot better and it has been driven through some basic testing, by having my brother try to use them. Found various minor things that were adding either complications needlessly or half finished features that just needed some minor love and care to get done. Having someone try out your game, even if it is just to test some minor features does force you to work on things that you have been avoiding putting work into.

Having someone break your game will also make you re-prioritize a lot of items so that he stops breaking it.

We are pair programming and I am having him follow along as I make changes so that he can get up to speed a lot faster and knows how to navigate the project and add to it with confidences. This drop and release introduction companies usually use for new programmers is stupid. Assuming that all programmers possess the same expertise and can just be placed into a chair and be as productive as another programmer that has been working on the project for months or years, is folly and just makes the transition period a lot longer.

I just had the most productive day I have had since start of September.

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