A slow week

Most indie developers, have a full time or a part time job. Very few of us can actually work full time on our projects and in those cases it is usually only for a short amount of time we can dedicate our full work week to our project. Dedicating more time to high risk endeavours while living under financial pressure can actually have a reverse affect on the project and make it more likely that you will fail.

Also, a bad experience could condition you in not wanting to work on other projects if one fails. Find a way to work during the evenings, from home or in a dedicated small office space, and dedicate certain weekends/evenings to your project.

Keep at it until you have something that you are satisfied with. Get well acquainted with all the sides of creating a business out of it. Don’t be a maverick that does not care about the numbers and the corporate end of the deal. You are looking to make a living out of what you love doing, so take all the sides of the equation seriously.

Finding a way to make all your ends meet and be able to work on your project should be a base stepping stone to see if you can actually see the whole project through. If you are unable to supply basic needs while developing your game, your game will hurt and your life as well. If you are unable to work on your project while supplying for basic needs, then you have most likely sold yourself short and do not care enough to see it through. Your life is a string of deals and negotiations, and you need to be able to acquire the time you need to work on what you are passionate about.

If you want to make something interesting, you need to spend the work creating it. You need to acquire the time to work on it, and you need to be calculated about the risks you are taking.

I will be working on the game for a few hours over the weekend. My part time employee is preparing and learning for his exams at the University, so I will keep at it on my own this time around I imagine.

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